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3 definitions by Garcia Chris

Commonly Used as a greeting in Northen California (primarily the Modesto area),primarily used between two people who share a very strong connection and trust each other greatly. (not to be confused with the southern version "wordie".)
"Uhh whats up Worday"
by Garcia Chris April 17, 2004
5 5
Generally referring to a mans scrotum and testicles. Usually used in an exchange of dozens between two rivals. First used in the puff daddy song "all about the benjamins"
"that girl was clingin to my bizoffs"
by Garcia Chris April 16, 2004
1 2
An escalated form of the slang term "sick" or "tight". Fair is used as describing something as beyond good , not to be mistaken with the "Fair" meaning average or normal.
"The Chappelle show has some Fair jokes"
by Garcia Chris April 16, 2004
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