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1) A city of about 20,000 where the only thing for the youth to do is to wait and hope that they graduate from high school sane and in one piece, (providing no bomb threats were actually serious, or not actually jumping over the railings of the deception pass bridge) where they would probably just get 5-8 more hours/week from their min. wage job flipping burgers, or bagging groceries which they got while in high school--why most get the hell out as soon they're handed their diploma.

2) A town that looks and acts like it's stuck 20 years behind any city off the island it's stuck on, Whidbey Island, with the exception of the Navy's presence and their CSI style investigative unit.
1) guy: so what's there to do in Oak Harbor?

o.h. native: It's Oak Harbor...

guy: oh.

2) guy: so how's Oak Harbor?

o.h. native: same ole, same ol

guy: i'm sorry
by Gar Waage February 04, 2010
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