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pronunciation: peench

1. all purpose word for bad things. (verb, noun, etc.)

2. to suffer an injustice. (verb)

3. exclamation of dismay. (interjection)
1. my mom is being such a pynch!

2. i just got pynched by that traffic cop.

by Gar Hole May 20, 2005
a jock or a jock-like entity (either a boy or a girl can be a cheffer, but usually a female cheffer is characterized by the fact that she hangs out with male cheffers). Also cheff
"I think that cheffer just called me a faggot."


"That cheffer is so drunk, she's making out with a dog."
by Gar Hole April 19, 2005
a state of extreme fatigue.
#1 "I'm really fucking tired..."

#2 "What? You're RebaMcEntired?"

#1 "Yes, i'm RebaMcEntired."
by Gar Hole July 07, 2005
got killed. maybe randomly and violently.
i can't believe Bodie caught the pynch in season 4.
by gar hole February 13, 2007
a poop log. see web, log, blog & poop.
would you like to see the plog i just posted?


i just made a plog entry into my toilet.
by Gar Hole April 22, 2005
all things good or bad.
"This book is chrons, and by chrons i mean sweet."


"Oh my chrons! What the fuck did you do that for?!"
by Gar Hole April 19, 2005
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