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6 definitions by Gansta J

Irene means "Go, This is not a drill". Taken from the Black Hawk Down mission "go" code. Used as a call to action.
I say again- "Irene". I repeat "Irene" Roger that.
by Gansta J September 16, 2006
402 258
-Term used to describe body remains of a Suicide bomber after he or she has detonated themselves. The self-inflicted explosion tears the body apart, leaving scraps of flesh that tend to look like pieces of beef jerky.
We arrived to find pieces of Hadji Jerky on the walls and in the street around the blast area.
by Gansta J September 24, 2006
31 4
A reccomendation from some one for a good deal or a sales lead.
Thanks for the recco on that stereo, I saved a bunch
by Gansta J September 16, 2006
15 3
Term used to describe a child that may or may not be yours. Used in situations were the child's mother has many sexual partners.
Is that your kid?
I don't know it's still a maybe baby.
I understand, She's too big of a slut to be sure.
by Gansta J September 30, 2006
29 19
Term used to describe, When you go to fire your weapon and it explodes.
Had two rounds center mass went to fire a third and the rifle went Kaboom
by Gansta J September 16, 2006
37 29
Alternate term used for an Ass to Mouth sexual act
Pulled out of her ass for a Dixie Transfer
by Gansta J September 30, 2006
5 2