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n. also known as "ghemoseyer."
Someone in front of you who walks about leisurely, esp. down narrow hallways and sidewalks. They aimlessly wander about as if where they are going does not matter, therefore making the people walking behind them late for wherever it is they are going. Some even swerve around so that you cannot walk past them. Ghemoseyers can be very agitating, esp. when you are already running late.
"Gah! This stupid ghetto-moseyer won't get out of my way."

"Silly ghemoseyers."
by Ganoosi December 06, 2004
completely awesome. the newest or the coolest, or both. used often by the Beastie Boys. can also be used for describing the quality of produce. Also used for when you really have nothing to say after someone states something either too random, or something you couldn't care less about.
-"Hey my man, check out that woman's mustache, yo."
by Ganoosi November 16, 2004

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