4 definitions by Ganongeek

When you eat a large amount spicy food, such as chilli, and the shit burns your ass and is painstaking to defecate.
I had so many burritos the other day, that I took a seriously nasty chilli shit.
by Ganongeek August 11, 2007
One who has acheived excellence in many a video game. One who easily masters any video game they play. A beast at playing video games. Better defined, Bobby Blackburn.
Bobby is such an Uber Gamer. I want to be just like him when I grow up.
by Ganongeek August 15, 2007
A shit amongst shits. also referred to as "the Alpha Shit". A long, fat, juicy turd among a cluster of turd nuggets.
I took an uber dump after I had eaten so many burritos.
by Ganongeek August 11, 2007
Something that is so retarded, It deserves a reference to R2D2.
Dude, for the last time, Yahoogle is the most R2Dtarded idea ever!
by Ganongeek September 27, 2007

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