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whoever wrote the second definition must have been plastered at the time - i've never heard such a crock o' shit in my life. not the first bit, i'm bloody fine with that, it's the flaming second bit about the wankers in wutang and emin-fucking-em plastic crap. it is wrong, yes, WRONG to describe these beings as 'bogans' as it is a harsh insult to the beliefs of many, if not all bogans as i am a bogan myself and bloody proud to wave the flag. plastic gangsters is the correct term to be used - that or wannabes, annoying little shits or homies.
"wasup ma homie? mutha fuckin cunts fuckin riped me off with this fuckin weed. the fucks just crushed up dried fucking cut grass and sold it to me in a bag for a mobile phone i stole from my mum when she was drunk last night fucking my uncle on my bed. have ya gotta smoke?"
by Gangsta Erasa MB August 04, 2005

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