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Only the deadliest weapon in the history of mankind. Ever. EVER.
Walker: "I'm just about ready to kill God with a rusty spork."
by Gammasite November 29, 2007
The crazy-ass mofo from inside the windmill in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is almost always seen carrying/playing his music box with a squinty grin or pissed-off look on his face. In OoT, in order to get into the well in Kakariko Village, you had to complete a time paradox involving Bob. In the future, you go to the windmill where an infuriated Bob waits. He complains of a child in green (Link) who, seven years earlier, played a song and messed up the windmill. Upon seeing your Ocarina, he remembers that day and plays the song, thus teaching Link the Song of Storms. You must then travel to the past and play the song for him, becoming the child that taught him the song and messed up the windmill.
"Yo man, don't mess with Bob the Crazy Windmill Guy. He'll cut you!"
by Gammasite November 26, 2007
A mental illness in which the afflicted is compelled to respond to others' sentences by rearranging them in something similar to the following format:

"I wish I was/had/etc. 'x,' then I'd get ALL the ladies!"

This disease is often accompanied by the "That's what she said" Virus.

NOTE: Does not have to make sense; in fact, it usually doesn't.
Sam has "I Wish" Disease. He really starts to piss people off with it.

Josh: "Dude...my mom had a heart attack."
Sam: "I wish I had a heart attack! Then I'd get ALL the ladies!"
by Gammasite November 26, 2007

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