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1 ) the hipster does the beneficial thing but is too lazy to fight for other people to do the same )
2 ) the hipster does the beneficial action but gets off at the fact that he is the unique person in a world of people who do the negative action)
3) possibly a person who finds the definition of words on urbandictionary.com to be pure ART due to their crude/funny/common-man nature. )
4 )possibly a person who types up ambiguous definitions of the term hipster )
5 ) possibly a person who enjoys blogging in lower case letters only due to their uniqueness and the love of the art of being unique
6 ) possibly a person who uses a modern day ( 2011 ) outlet such as urbandictionary.com to admit that they are a hipster ( despite the fact that admitting you are a hipster is the biggest stigma of hipster culture ).
7 ) A person who would type such a definition a feel as though they have betrayed the "Underground Sophisticated Artists God of the Universe" ( the god being a metaphor for the character itself )
8 ) One who types urbandictionary.com defintions of the term "hipster" while high on marijuana and while drunk off of two beers
9 ) People who know a lot and because of this act differently and SOMETIMES negatively to people who don't know the generally fun fact information they know.
10 ) They are not all mean. Some really are smart people who are willing to be nice to people because they realize that people will understand their character in a more
positive light with more respect if they act nice.
11 ) People who type urbandictionary.com definitions of the term hipster in a positive way to show people that not all young art students who brag a lot about having cool artsy scene experiences and also have artistic glory as well as knowing a library of fun facts are mean or pretentious people. People who write because their is a lacking in the modern world of the real unknown humble and starving artists not getting love because too many damn negative hipsters are competing in the world against positive hipsters.

Some hipsters believe there are positive and negative hipsters. Positive hipsters don't slander the name of hipsters causing society to view them as a lazy group of people.

Maybe people who agree with this AREN'T HIPSTERS at all?! What if we "Positive Nice Hipsters" are something entirely different? What if some of us are truly ARTIST OF BEING HUMBLE and HUMBLE ARTISTS. We will never know because society deams those who except that they belong to those terms are automatically deamed hipsters due to an automatic assumption that the individual probably ISN'T that great of an artist or genius. Someone who understands the beauty of this definition being an example in a way of the true lows a person can go to in terms of being a "nerdy internet blogger or bitcher" while also being an auto journal.
by Gamganji Gamgamanji Ghandi'Ri January 28, 2011

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