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A game character for the game series Sly Cooper.

He's goodlooking, charming raccoon (according to Carmelita - a red Vixen fox, his enemy love) and pretty much the main playable character along with Bentley (a turtle) and Murray (a pink hippo). Which you could play as too, but many prefer sly cause he has more agility. It is an underated game but deserves more fans. Lets hope it gets more ratings until the new Sly 4 releases from the continued trilogy.*SPOILER* In the ending of the SLY 3: HONOR AMONG THEIVES, Sly gets blasted by a gun to protect Carmelita and suddenly gets amnesia, or so we think, many people argue about how it ended but how it seems is he gives up his thieving career just to be with carmelita who she names him Constable cooper. Bentley proves this by looking around with his binocucom, suddenly spots sly with carmelita. Sly turns his head around and winks, only to leave us in a cliff hanger. We can only find out in Sly 4 when and if we get to use the time machine Bentley claimed to be building to see slys past and to see what happened. Not many seem to like the new Sly 4 look for the developers of the original games SUCKER PUNCH has given SANZURU GAMES a try at it. Which is coming to PS3.
Typical Youtube whiner- "Looks like shit.´╗┐ If suckerpunch couldve done it, they should. 3/10 for graphics."

Typical Youtube Peacer-"Why the hell are people bitching about the Sly Cooper graphics? I swear I'm sick and tired of people just paying attention to the graphics´╗┐ is that all you people want? Graphics? Go play crysis or something if you want graphics while the real gamers like myself play the game for what it is when it comes out."
by GamerGirl124567889 July 05, 2011

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