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The act of blaming the gaming corporation Bungie for making you lose a video game, or when you're experiencing lag (latency). This can also apply to real-life situations where the user of the phrase feels like he has been ripped off. Outlandish blame of Bungie for anything gone wrong is also acceptable.
Example 1: Gamer- "I just lost because of all this damn lag... FUCK YOU BUNGIE!!!"

Example 2: Person- "$10 only gets me 2 gallons of gas! FUCK YOU BUNGIE!!!"
by Gamer2401 July 28, 2010
Blaming anything gone wrong on your cat.
1: "Aww I dropped my keys... fuck you kitty!"
2: "We're out of milk? Fuck you kitty!"
3: "You're breaking up with me? Fuck you kitty!"
by Gamer2401 July 28, 2010

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