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A beautiful, amazing girl who has several justified reasons to talk about her gorgeous self. She has an awesome life that everyone should envy, and a ton accountability to herself. A girl everyone in the multiverse wants to be around, the angel in the night. She cares about all her friends, and all her friends care about her. She can literally take your breath away, just by the mentioning of her name. Every time she passes by you can feel your heart skip a beat. She can be sexy and hot for her comparably young age, but she has her limits and knows when to say "no". Every moment spent with her is time well invested.
<Friend:> Dude, who's that Marzanne over there?
<Other Friend:> Oh my gosh, that's stunning. She's a true gift from God, no girl could compare to her!!
<Me:> Back off you guys, she's mine!
<Captain Falcon:> HYES!
*brawl ensues*
by Gameboi December 16, 2010
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