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Z-bars are the street name for XANAX tablets.
Lemme get some Z bars? I need to slow things down some.
by Gamberro Salvador January 24, 2007
1., adj.: Wild, crazy, unrestrained or uninhibited.

2., n.: the situation or word; "the deal", related to the ebonic "dizzle" (deal + izzle = dizzle)
1. You're actin dizzy man, put your uniform back on before the boss sees you!

2. What's the dizzy on this project you're working on?
by Gamberro Salvador October 05, 2009
In some parts of the U.S., you may hear the expression "coffee and juice", or some mix therof, which means weed ("COUGH-ee") and alcohol.
I start every day with a healthy dose of coffee n juice.
by Gamberro Salvador January 24, 2007
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