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2 definitions by Gambeans

A Malawian cultural/religious (usually men's) secret society that is a central part of the Chewa tribe. Members perform a dance called "Gule Wamkulu" or the "big dance" at weddings, funerals, initiations and other celebrations or gatherings where they take the form of an animal or "beast" and communicate messages from the ancestors to the village. They may also kidnap people and do other naughty stuff like extort money.
The term can be used in reference to the society or the masked dancers themselves.
He dumped the whole christian thing these days, he's gone back to his roots and joined Nyau
Behave yourself, stop acting like a Nyau
by Gambeans February 16, 2010
A dude with heaps of porn or who just loves making watching or collecting porn. Pronounced Don Porny-owny as in the Godfather's Don Corleone
Dude, have you seen his collection? He's such a Don Porneone
by Gambeans February 17, 2010