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The term originates from a Neo-Classicist during the 1800's, comparing the Romantics to the Goths of old who sacked Rome. The term stuck, though it has been warped over the ages. Nowadays it is a sub-culture that emphasizes the dark, spooky and cynical. The heavy, sorrowful themes stem from the Romantic Movement's emphasis on emotion, drama, and the human condition. This includes the color black, vampires, and the works of Edgar Allen Poe.
So those oh-so-witty definitions of goth as a few Germanic tribes are tragically,tragically right.

by Galen Deepinglen January 11, 2005
One of White Wolf Studio's greatest, and most misunderstood, achievements in pen-and-paper roleplaying games.
Vampire: They're just faeries, what could they do?
Redcap: Mmm... hungry... *CHOMP*
Vampire: AAAH! THE AGG!!!
by Galen Deepinglen August 05, 2004
So, this has become a chatroom? Sorry, its just rare that I see someone who isn't an America-can-kill-whoever-they-want-to kind of person. Oh that and my angst is at a record high, so I'm freaking out over anyone who *drama* understands me. Spring break is just a way of driving adolescents into making asses of themselves.
by Galen Deepinglen March 21, 2003
A school's form of population control.
by Galen Deepinglen March 21, 2003
A clan of Usurpers and vandals in the World of Darkness setting, they epitomize all that is bad about the Camarilla, a sect of "civil-minded" vampires
Saulot's children are still hunted by the Tremere
by Galen Deepinglen May 22, 2004
A misunderstood label see indie thug, geek, emo-kid, redneck, punk, nerd, jock, wastoid, drama kid...
Dear Dave look at all the stereotypes! *waves to the throngs of misconceptions.*
by Galen Deepinglen May 26, 2004
Think of Satan. Now think of him not turning from "God" and ruling over a world of elves and dwarves and other Norse-inspired creatures. Throw on an eagle fetish for good measure
Thanks for explaining Manwe, Thomas
by Galen Deepinglen March 20, 2003
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