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A soda machine that doesn't give you your coke after you put over 5 dollars of cash for a 35 cent soda and yet it still does not give you your desirable beverage.And then,after you leave saying "fuck that shit" someone else comes and your soda pops out and they take it.
Jon-"That fucking machine is a pepsickler,i have no goddamn money now"
Brad-"Dude that was smooth"

Random person comes and takes soda
by Galen (hi brian) December 20, 2007
When you take a girl to a party and get her very drunk,and then,feed her food that makes her shit,(sometimes a laxative mix in the food). Then you wait until the shit is about 1 inch out of her ass,and then anal her. During the anal,she falls asleep from the drunkenness,then you take the shit on the end of your penis and right spiff on her stomach and/or back possibly face aswell. Then she wakes up going "I've just got coco spiffed"
"Dude,i heard that sue just got coco spiffed"
"Yeah,dude,that spiffage,was from me"
"Gross dude"
by Galen (hi brian) December 20, 2007
This is the action of where a nerd,plays with multiple nerds down in his mothers basement with a dungeons and dragons board. When one nerd gets the "black dragon" card,they then have a massive ejaculation spraying everynerd at the table,thus getting the poster in the back of them of a castle,thus called,white castles
"holy shit dude thats the 6th time,im only a level 4 dungeon mage"
"awww not a white castle
by Galen (hi brian) December 20, 2007

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