2 definitions by Galemir

1. A female vampire, being one who survives by consuming the blood or psychic energy of a donor/victim.

2. A girl, usually of the gothic variety, who either practices vampirism, or looks vampiric.
Example 1:
Little did the traveler know that he was actually conversing with an infamous vampiress.

Example 2:
"Damn dude, did you see Jane. She looks like a total vampiress."
by Galemir April 13, 2008
While footsie can be used to flirt with someone, it is also a direct game. In this game the participants sit across from each other and tickle each other's feet with their toes. It is sometimes (rarely though) used along side {bondage}
She asked me to play footsie with her today.
by Galemir August 16, 2005

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