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Americanism from the Scottish word "Fannybaws". Fanny, as used in UK means, Vagina. Baws is Scottish slang for balls or testicles.

Thus, Vagicles is derived from Fannybaws
"Dont give me any of your cheek, or i`ll kick you in the vagicles"

"Why dont you fuck off Mr Vagicles"
by Galaxian October 13, 2007
Essentially twice as bad as fuck, because its a doublefuck!

Sounds real nasty if said in the right accent, New York stylee works a treat.
"Why did you drink all my cool aid? You complete Doublefuck!!!"

"That’s nice, I wine n dine you and you still wont give out, your such a Doublefuck!!!"

"Listen Doublefuck, if i wanted a cock that small, I’d have asked Bilbo Baggins".

"You cheated on me again!!, you total Doublefuck!!!"
by Galaxian October 13, 2007
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