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Zidane'd means head-butt. It was the last match of zinedine zidane in the 2006 world cup finals, France vs Italy. Zinedine Zidane head butt Materazzi & got a red card for it. But watever, we still love zidane & materazzi deserve that head butt! :D
1. "Peter was zidane'd by Jane this morning for eating her breakfast."
2. "you're gonna get zidane'd if you dont return my pencil"
by Gail of RAN Online July 12, 2006
An Avanzator or "Avan" in shortform, is a small pink creature, that plays RAN Online. It can b found in the state of Kedah in the country of Malaysia. An avanzator is one of the rare species that can be found in ther tropical forest of Kedah.
1. "hi avanzator/avan.." = "hi small pink creature.."
2. "u're such an avanzator/avan.." = "u're such a small pink creature.."
by Gail of RAN Online July 12, 2006
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