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1) a person who has been drinking for years, drinks morning noon and night, feels like they need alcohol, depends on it, and it often gets in the way of their social life

2) a label given by a non or less drinker to someone they think drinks too much but is really just someone who knows how to have a good time; drinks but doesnt depend on it or 'need' it
1) my dad is an alcoholic, hes been drinking for 15 years and hes getting really abusive.

2) you drank all my beer you alcoholic!
by gail March 29, 2004
a female's vagina.....
Thats one hairy dojee...
by Gail July 23, 2004
Puffball is a generic non-newbie online user, in a social or bvehavioral context. The word was coined in the early nineties in the Backstage host (moderator) conference (forum) on the WELL, to refer to anyone who was a real handful for a host to deal with or "moderate," including other hosts or oldtimers.

(The term evokes the name of a wild mushroom, the idea of an enlarged ego, and the concept of being ballsy, but it is a pure coinage and not a derivation.
It's semi-affectionate.)
Usage: "If puffball goes off on a rant in the middle of the one-word-sentence game, how do I get him to take that energy someplace where we can respond to it, so the other users aren't all yelling at me to make him conform to the game?"
by gail February 17, 2004
Phrase stated when posing a problem to a person to which they have no answer for you. Usually means "Forget it, I should have never asked you in the first place you chode"
Me: "Miriam, how do you want us to enter the status updates in the TPS reports?"
Miriam: "Can I explain it to you after my meeting, I really have to run"
Me: " Okay, no problem"
by Gail November 16, 2004

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