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L.C.L.Y. is actually, in chinese "lan si, lan yong", which means a big lousy show-off when he/she knows when he/she can't do something within his/her capability. This word is commonly used among asians or chinese people when gossiping.
It's also used to describe someones attitude whereby it also matches his/her face and personality.
eg, there were two gals and her pals were gossiping... that david ar, so damn L.C.L.Y.. He shows off his bicycle tricks and now look at him! he landed in hospital already. It really matches his face and his personality.
by Gadiy January 30, 2006
GADIY stands for "Go And Do It Yourself". Another simple phrase to tell someone to do their own things by themselves.
john: hey, can you help me get some juice from the fridge?
mary: What?? I'm busy here! G.a.d.i.y.!
john: what's that?
mary: It says, GO AND DO IT YOURSELF!
by gadiy August 23, 2006
It's simple, a freak a combination of a french and a greek and also the real meaning of freak.
Tommy is a freak cause his mum is a french and his dad's from greek.
by Gadiy August 09, 2006
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