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A hag who has no qualms layin' down the N-word; then reverses herself when her brain catches up to her big mouth.
Dr. Laura SezNigga sure has no qualms droppin' them N-bombs.
by Gadeanz August 14, 2010
A person who is chronically late, and routinely flakes out on others.
Where the hell is that clagger; we're seriously outta here in 5 minutes, with or without him!
by Gadeanz August 14, 2010
A small bladdered fuck who can't stop taking pisses!
(Responding to a request to pull over at the next gas station...) "Hey! Piss Clepto! It's 5 miles up the road! This bitch rolls strong 'til we get there"
by Gadeanz January 25, 2015
When a compulsive Facebooker excessively LIKES every stupid post and comment he crosses.
If there's one thing I hate, it's a Hyper Liker! Watch, they'll all LIKE this.
by Gadeanz May 30, 2014
The art of throttling-up a ferocious batch of explosive diarrhea and unceremoniously splatterblasting the unsavory cauldron of liquid shit, all across a lover's unsuspecting chest. Commonly regarded as the preferred method of "deputizing" wannabee gangstas, as fake affiliates, into non-existant gangs, throughout the Southwestern United States, especially San Diego.
by Gadeanz June 25, 2014

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