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An individual who possesses the lion-share of common sense, and uses it to his advantage; one who exhibits integrity and a strong work ethic (deriving from ancestral survival on the Georgia farmlands); one who works hard but understands the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple Simple); one who finds the simplest route to accomplish a goal and enjoys great success as well as the ability to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor; one who lives by the credo "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan"; one who only chooses a college major that has a career associated with it, otherwise what is the point?; practical yet fun and willing to take reasonable risks.
I woke up late but the Treadwell in me pushed me to get to work on time and get the job done. I planned to be lazy but the Treadwell in me urged me to complete the task. I wanted to buy a Mercedes but the Treadwell in me bought the Honda instead. I thought about just laying low this weekend but the Treadwell in me pushed me to do something different, something new.
by Gabriella di Sorrento February 03, 2010

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