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1. Something that you can chill to.
2. Something that gets you relaxed.
3. Somebody thats cool to chill with.
1. ''Yo, that song was mad chillable.''
2. ''Seriously man, that pill was chillable.''
3. ''You know my homie Alex, now hes chillable.''
by Gabriel Thomas June 07, 2007
1. Somebody who sucks at basketball but who thinks hes the shit.
2. Somebody that claims hes from the ghetto and now hes rich when all along he had money.
3. Someone who thinks hes ballin.
1. a: ''He scored a point and now he thinks he can beat all of us.''
b: ''yea, that cat is wallin.''
2. ''I herd he grew up in the burbz, hes wallin.''
3. '' Haha, he got af1's and he says hes a baller. That idiot is wallin.''
by Gabriel Thomas June 07, 2007
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