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The nasty aroma you can smell when someone with large gauged earlobes forgets to clean his jewlery for days at a time, allowing dead skin, dried sweat, and any styling products to build up and make a creamy white-yellowish belly button, toe-jam smelling substance.
Earlier today I leaned in to tell Andrew a secret, and I swear he had the nastiest ear funk going on.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 26, 2009
Large accumalation of fat above a man's genitalia where it looks like a seperate mound of fat aside from the stomach.
Brett: Hey, check out that tweedle dee looking motherfucker over there wearing those tight ass jeans.

Gabe: Yeah, he shouldn't wear his belt so tight, cause it really accentuating his man-pooch.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 21, 2009
slang term for vagina mixing the spanish slang term panocha with ending to sound Polish.
Last night when my girlfriend dropped her panties, I swear I could smell her panushka from across the room.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 20, 2009
a pussy murf. combination of words "twat" and "murf".
Andrew: Did you see that one chick in the spandex shorts.

Gabe: Hell yeah, she was rockin' a mean twurf.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez June 01, 2009
When an extremely obese person's shoulder fat appears to travel south and engulf the person's elbow. Combination of "shoulder" and "elbows".
Brett: Yo, check out that dude in line at Baskin Robbins.

Gabe: Geez, looks like he doesn't need any more ice cream cause he's rocking some crazy shelbows.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 21, 2009
person who's chin seems absent almost as if their neck starts below their mouth and shoots straight to below adam's apple area
People who are no chinians freak me out. And adults with niblet teeth.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 29, 2009
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