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The most happenin place EVER! No, for real though. Ft. Myers is awesome. There's a great diversity in people, of age, race and religion.
We get lucky when hurricanes come by, because regardless of what the news says, it's not that bad. If you're not from Florida, born and raised, then you'll usually freak out. We "floridians" don't have issues with them. HURRICANE PARTY!!!

Also, there's Florida Gulf Coast University, where most will go to after high school. We have three malls. Plenty of beach space when the snow birds are not here. The sun is always shining, and if not, just wait ten minutes, it will be back. Fort myers is located on the Gulf Coast, water is WARM. There's not much surf, but hey, there's a lot of great things. Tons of wonderful restaurants, like Buffulo Chips, Bahama Breeze, and of course your famous ones like Outback and Olive Garden.

Everyone that travels down there, three hours south of Tampa, loves it. Tons of compliments from people who have passed through. US 41 is always packing during season. If you don't know what season is, sorry. It's the most imporant time of year for working residents. That's where the term "snow bird" comes in hand. People are generally nice. Unless you meet them on the road... Police don't care that much for speeders.
Overall, you'll greatly enjoy Fort Myers. It has great schools like Estero High and Fort Myers High. Even if Estero's football team made history recently on their score. Other than that... If you don't want to live here, don't stop by, you'll get addicted.
Person 1 : Yo, where you been at?

Person 2 : Dude, Fort Myers! It's awesome. I'm never going back home!!!!
by Gabie G October 29, 2008

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