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really, Portugal is a great country with awesome awesome food,wine,beaches,scenery,CULTURE, and men...... and the people portugas are so friendly
u will never have the class to understand that because ur a narrow minded asshole

manuel- thnx for sticking up for portugal =)
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 17, 2005
Portugal is the most beautiful contry in the world with tons of sexy men all over the place. It is known for breathing,eating, and sleeping football....it has some of the best players in Europe.
now what the f*** is ur problem? mad because ur team didnt get as far as Portugal did in the Euro? seriously shut the hell up and get a f'ing life.
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 17, 2005
the most friendliest and laid bac ppl in Europe
what is ur grudge against Portugal and portuguese people? are u so furious that Portugal made it to the final vs. Greece in the Euro 2004?......and the only way of making urself feel better is by putting a country down....one of which u have no understanding of how beautiful and cultured it is......seriously, Rui, get a life.
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 17, 2005
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