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Pronounced either "Kod-eyes" or "C.O.D eyes".

A word Refering to the series of action packed first person shooter game titled "Call of Duty". Describing the ability obtained only through playing the game so much your eyes notice things faster then the normal human beings eyes would. Thus, giving you a abnormal physical reflex aswell.
Guy 1-"Dude watchout that cup is about to fall off the table!"

He runs to cup and catches it in midair.

Guy 2-"Man how did you do that!?!?"

Guy 1- "Gah i dont know but i got to get back to playing Call Of Duty or im never going to hit tenth prestige!"

Guy 2- "I wish I had CODEYES like you!!!"

::cry sniff sniff cry::
by Gabesuckapunch September 28, 2009
pronouced "Gee-a-mur-mania"

A word describing a condition when a person hears anything from video game theme songs to simple game sound effects (super mario jumping, noise it makes when running into a pokemon and it going into battle mode on any of the gameboy verisons of pokemon), to a computer mouse clicking noise and a buzzing noise a faulty computer monitor may make, all when trying to fall asleep.
Man walks into work at the office having bloodshot eyes and bags that sit right under them while drinking huge amounts of caffeine. His friend slowly walks up to him.

Friend- "Man looks like you havent slept in days! what happen!!?"

Man- "I think i got that damn GEEAMERMANIA again! i had it when i was a kid, i used to play games and be on the computer alot......the sounds never stop!!"

::friend floor slaps man in hopes of waking him up more::
by Gabesuckapunch September 28, 2009
Pronounced "Tuh-bah-see"

A word referring to a child who must be in control or the boss while he or she is interacting with one or more other children whether it be while playing with toys from a tub, playing outside or any other type of activity.
Two kids decide to play with plastic army men and begin to set them up.

Kid 1- "NO NO NO! You have to put the snipers on top of the desks so they can protect the radioman!!!"

Kid 2-"Why?"

Kid 1-"Because thats how it has to be!"

by Gabesuckapunch September 28, 2009

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