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your day job, or a job that help pays the bills but it's not what you really want to do.
what's your clark kent job?
by gabe tolliver November 23, 2003
microscopic itchy fecal residue around one's butthole that makes you occasionally have to go the bathroom and rewipe your butt to remove the annoying matter.
Jamie often complains of getting bootygrit after eating a bag of sour cream doritos.
by gabe tolliver December 29, 2005
Several definitions:

1.Colorful description of a person experiencing a mental breakdown.

2. Also used sexually to describe a person's often incoherent groans, moans and babble during heightened sexual activity.

1. Joe started hittin' looney switches when he decided to rob the 7-11 buck naked armed with a 2x4 and his trusty big gulp cup.

2. One who can be hittin' looney switches during sexual intimacy with their partner is a good lover.
by gabe tolliver October 13, 2005
A variation on the slang word R&B that represents accurate, heavy concentrated enemy fire from insurgents using small arms & rocket propelled grenades.
Last night while patrolling in the Green Zone, we came under some smooth R&B from insurgents that destroyed several Humvees.
by Gabe Tolliver November 11, 2005
Culturally Unaware Person(S)-refers to people or persons who are socially isolated from other ethnicities or cultures other than their own and show it.
Remo and his crew felt like C.U.P's when they showed up at Raj's Diwali celebration bringing burgers and ribs to grill.

by gabe tolliver October 28, 2005
Culturally unaware person(s). A person who is ignorant of other ethnic groups...
Most of the people at my office are a bunch of "CUPS" when it comes to "Black History month.
by gabe tolliver November 23, 2003

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