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2 definitions by Gabe Glasser

A game played with a nerf gun where one person stands about 10-20 feet away and they shoot it at you and you try to catch it.

3 pts. if you catch it 1 handed
2 pts. if you catch it with 2 hands
1 pt. if you catch it against your body

A "point" is known as a datch.
Gabe: I have 7 datches... you?
Trevor: I only i have 3. I suck.
Jesse: Im a douche bag.
Gabe: Datching is tight. It is a very balling sport.
by Gabe Glasser April 16, 2007
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A term that is used to describe something or someone that is really awesome or tight. Created by the great Kelsey Horner.
"Dude those shades are the pimpin shnits!"
by Gabe Glasser April 16, 2007
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