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12 definitions by Gabby

1) someone who gobbles the cock
2) a little goblin who resides in the underwear and at night snuggles with the cock.
by Gabby June 02, 2003
278 70
short form of Oliver, or in french, for Olivier. tall guy. sometimes dark, sometimes red, radical hair (bed head). sexy shnoz. flashing eyes. winning smile. robust. swarthy. savvy. a mover-shaker. hip. generous. well regarded. socialized. persusasive. sensitively affectionate. likes to poke fun at short blondes. madcap on the tennis and besketball courts yet mature. all-in-all, combination of great sense of humor, charming personnality and good-looks. unforgettable friend.
syn.: flip(-per)
Bahibak Olivier!
by Gabby August 02, 2003
297 91
is a fuckin bastard, hes tryin to be a nigga, but he just a wanksta.
I smell pussy,is that u Ja rule?
by gabby December 18, 2003
41 29
a cross between gumby and unco, someone who is uncoordinated looks stupid does stupid things and basically fucks everything up
why did you throw the ball 5ft above me instead of straight at meyou can't do anything right you're so gumco
by gabby January 22, 2005
3 1
Not a true goth. A person who is goth for social reasons or lack of socialization.
Look at that kinder-bat wearing that black lipstick.
by Gabby March 08, 2004
6 6
word used by silly boys to describe intense feeling of love for their girlfriends, who always fall for it.
Once, Tim told Gabby she was beatismartfunnyperfectful and she swooned.
by gabby March 09, 2005
10 11
its is like broken! or it could b u look rough
he is so brok up

i brok up my mp3 2day
by Gabby January 21, 2005
4 8