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A short, rotund, blonde or red-haired man of British or Irish, Scottish, Welsh descent; typically enjoys overeating and indulging in alcoholic beverages. Usually has the same silhouette as Jabba The Hut. LOL
Your boyfriend, i.e. fat leprechaun
by Gabbi Rivera February 05, 2014
Those Goth Teenage and Twentysomething Bums who beg for money in order to buy heroin and many other narcotics.
Jeez, Downtown San Diego is filled with Fuck Buckets!
by Gabbi Rivera May 23, 2007
An overrated, overpaid Quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, a no-talent sack of calcified cat turds..
Gabriel: "Hey man, the Chargers are going to kill the Packers today!!!"

Michael: "You belong in a mental institution, Philip Rivers is a no talent sack of cat turds, he throws more interceptions than touchdowns!!"
by Gabbi Rivera November 07, 2011
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