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In the act of Pwning a noob, The Pwner spreads his Pwnnecter on the victim. This is to ensure that anyone who see's the victim after Pwnage can identify that the noob was indeed Pwned and inherntly, due to the Pungent Smell, Who Pwned Him. As a rule, on the rare occasion that a noob Pwnes someone, they are not given credit for it. this is in fact due to the geneticly inferior DNA that noobs have, causing them to not be able to secret Pwnnecter. Pwnnecter is not to be confused with Love necter.
1. Heath, That Pwnnecter has a quite Pungent smell! It stings the nostrils! Heath. Im going to be honest, that Pwnnecter smells like pure gasoline.
2. Dude! you just spread Pwnnecter all over that guy!
by GXC MaStA March 26, 2007

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