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/adj./ (1)-A term used to describe a flamboyant male, possibly homosexual.
(Not necessarily a derogatory term)
I just saw Bruce skipping into Starbucks, I think he may be a little floppy in the wrist.
by GW March 08, 2004
/adj./ (1)-A term used to describe a flamboyant male, possibly homosexual. (Not necessarily a derogatory term).

See also: Floppy in the wrist
I saw Bruce skipping down the street, I think he's got a floppy wrist.
by GW March 08, 2004
causing trouble. messing shit up. usually used to talk about blowing things up, property destruction and the like.
oh, we're going to go spinking. i need my spinking cap.
by gw January 24, 2005
a hat worn when spinking.
must be a trucker hat, electric pink foam, and have a picture of a truck on it with the caption "trucking a'int for sissies"
i need my spinking cap
by gw January 24, 2005
Take care of each other
My girl knows when its just us we're on that tcoeo time.
by Gw December 17, 2012
The distinctive sound of waste excretion originating from a tribe of giant pear-like beings. Phrases such as, "God I love downloading" are quite frequent in tweedledumping grounds. Tweedledumps are normally very painful to the fat waste of flesh and commonly go by the name Ben Holder or Mikael Lucas.
Ben Holder likes to pretend that Mikael Lucas is the last Tweedledumper, the excitement causes arousal and soon the two are joined in the bliss of a thousand tweedledumps.

See Also: Ben Holder is a fat fuck, Ben Holder is an inbred loser, Ben Holder is going to lose his fat fucking limbs to diabetes and blame it on genetics and not his fatass diet, fat.
by GW June 10, 2004
a complete fool, lacking any awareness or motivation.
I just had an appointment with another lawyer. He didn't know half as much as he thought he did. What a Piker.....
by gw July 23, 2003

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