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-the polite way and politically correct way of referencing Justin Bieber while still calling him a faggot
Hey that one faygola over there is dancing!

He looks a lot like that faygola, Justin Bieber.
by GUILLOT1NE February 26, 2011
That awesome song that you find and listen to when your skipping songs repeatedly on your iPhone/iPod in shuffle mode.
Dave jammed to "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne when he discovered the shuffle nugget while doing work in the office.
by GUILLOT1NE July 24, 2011
-A derogatory or hateful term for tall people
Jagger: Dude, that guy just honey-dipped that basketball 10 feet off the ground!

Pascal: Damn skypras, they're always showing off..
by GUILLOT1NE September 08, 2011

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