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spanish slang

def: dumbass, jerk, cabrona
Naca is for girls and naco is for guys.
Can be used in a friendly manner if -sita is added.
Get your sorry ass off my couch, naca.

Hey naca, why did you burn los frijoles? Now we don't have anything to eat.

Friendly: Don't worry nacasita, I still love you. We'll have arroz instead.
by guera February 06, 2005
She is a white valley girl, who is half mexican and half salvadorian! she can be easily mad sometimes, she is fun, funny, lovable, rich, lives in the west side! lol, she also loves a lot of people, and her family, and her best friends.
She is a marjanelly, fun and awsome
by GUERA April 10, 2013

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