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A very good manga although the anime simply isn't up to snuff. It has many of the pitfalls as DBZ and the like where, the anime dwells to long on certain things (like hair falling) while in the manga, sure it takes up a page, but you read and take it in much faster in the manga. Although there are too many fanboys that clog the rooms on IRC (most notably #anbudom and #animeone) and you can easily tell this will be picked up in the states by FUNimation and get mutilated like every series that has ever been translated and edited for four-year-olds. Save yourself time and just read the manga.
I read the Naruto manga and saved myself hours of watching the show AND valuable hard drive space since I'm impatient and am willing to download fansubs done by chans who hate Naruto fanboys!
by GT_Onizuka November 30, 2003
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