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When a guy cum's into a females ass and then she squirts it into her hand and throws it at him.
After Busting a load in Monica's ass she popped out a dirty snowball and threw it at my face!
by GTG Crew December 30, 2008
When the only condoms a female carries with her is a Trojan Magnum, And if the condom doesn't fit she doesn't even waste her time.
That Blond Girl Last Night Tried To Pull The Glass Slipper On Me, Good Thing I Actually Fit.
by GTG Crew March 09, 2008
The act of flaunting your huge fun bags / whoo whoo's to the point of near nip slip or fully.
That girl laura was Show Boobing the heck out of those fun bags, so i decided to start the engine on my motor boat, and get going on those things.
by GTG crew December 09, 2008
The red rind around your penis when you remove a tight condom.
The condom was so small it gave me a Ring Around The Rosy .
by GTG Crew March 10, 2008
The latest term for ghetto or gangster, Originally Created by the Good To Go Crew. Presidential is a term sweeping the nation. It can be used as a positive term or represent a negative term.
1) Dhose Spinners are so Presidential son!

2) Nigga Please! You betta take your presidential ass up out of my face, before I slap you mother fucker.

3)Auuhhh thats soooo presidential.
by GTG Crew December 30, 2008
The mixture of Red Bull and Champaign.
These fricken Rimosa's are soooo good!
by GTG Crew May 05, 2009
The act of cumming on a girls asshole and then tongue shoveling it out or having another female tongue shovel it for you.

During the porn shoot Valerie messed up the shot by Farting during the Snow Shoveling scene.
by GTG Crew December 30, 2008

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