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A rubber device worn on the dick to prevent the cum going in the pussy. If the girl knows your name, where you live, can track you down, etc then wear a condom. If she doesn't, go rawdog.
Girl: Shit, i thought you were wearing a condom?!

Guy: LOL, i guess i forgot! Good luck with that. (bolts out of the door and makes his escape)
by GRU-Sniper March 08, 2007
The religeon founded by L. Ron Hubbard. The subjects name means scio, which means knowing how to know in the fullest sense of the word. Ology, which means "study of". So it is actualy study of knowingness. That is what the word itself means.

The Scientology religeon helps people in their life in a variety of ways such as riding the body of toxins with the purification rundown and performing "drills" which help the person confront and help their comunication skills. They have a variety of courses to improve the mind such as the comunications course and many more.

Scientology is a sworn enemy of psychiatry. Psychiatry is an evil that has ruined millions of lives. We are led to believe that psychiatry helps the mentaly ill but that is a lie. Mental illnesses don't exist. Depresion, ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, etc do not exist. Psychiatry is an authoritarian, evil group that force drugs people with mind bending poison and shock therapy in the name of helping people. In some cases that causes them to murder their family. When you hear on the news that someone has murdered their family for no aparent reason you can bet they were on psych drugs.

There are many lies put out about Scientology, such as them being refered to as a "cult" and a fraud. This is nothing but propaganda put out by psychiatry and the global elite. Scientology is one of the only true threats to psychiaty and the global elite.
By seeking to obscure what the Scientology religion is, psychiatrists have instead revealed the truth about themselves.

Psychiatric front group label of Scientology as a “cult” is only one more mistake by psychiatry.

The work done to uncover the malicious intentions of psychiatry toward man and to wipe out the attack has been and is being done by the directors and staffs of Scientology organizations on five continents and by the millions of Scientologists and friends over the world.

The Scientology movement is not pushed by one man, it is pushed by millions.

If you champion the dignity and freedom of mankind, you are a Scientologist at heart if not by name.

We are no cult. We are the most able technicians in the field of the mind on the planet and are the only skilled experts in this field who can produce uniformly beneficial and permanent good results. We now outnumber psychiatry by about 100 to 1.

We believe in mankind. We can and are helping man, our countries and society.

We are not “one man.” We are millions and we are everywhere.


L. Ron Hubbard
by GRU-Sniper March 11, 2007

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