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The best high school band in the world with the best and coolest band students in the world; and the drumline and trumpets are the bomb
Woah that Pittsburg Marching show band is the best high school band ever!
by GROD94 January 11, 2009
To be very small but fat, or to be very gay
Wow ZUES your super chodey
by GROD94 January 08, 2009
A kid in the Pittsburg Marching Show band who is known as Grimace, he plays trumpet and tries to play the drums. He also looks like the grinch.
Hey look it's the Band Grimace!
by GROD94 January 16, 2009
A curly headed fuck who is also a child molestor!
Dude look it's ronald mcdonald the second!
by GROD94 January 16, 2009

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