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4 definitions by GOP Fan

a famous tawny-haired pornographic model and accountant from Crystal Lake, Illinois, appearing on about 2,000,000 Web pages
Hi, I'm Tawnee and all my life I've wanted to be an actress. (Source:
by GOP Fan November 19, 2005
104 33
An uneducated way of saying "educational" by adding "ma" in between.
"The Simpsons" is edumacational.
by GOP Fan October 11, 2005
38 16
an extreme liberal
Martin Sheen, the President (in his own mind) and first class whining libnut, finally broke down and met with the gay divorcee, Cindy Sheehan. (Source: craigslist user)
by GOP Fan October 13, 2005
52 48
the kook fringe, the extreme political Left, composed of liberals, environmental wackos, greens, commies, fringe-kook Anti-Americans and lefty journalists among others
Examples of the fringe include such kooks as Charles Schumer aka "Chucky Schmucky", John Kerry, face-lifted Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barack Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton, BJ Clinton, the newspapers New York Slimes, Left Angeles Slimes, Atlanta Urinal Constipation, Washington Compost, the TV channels CNN, MSLSD, Hollywood actors, and Kanye West or Louis Farrakhan.
by GOP Fan October 13, 2005
82 98