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n. One who belongs to a forum and uses a majority of their posts to be obnoxious and/or to pester their fellow forum members.
Slargos, the Swede, is a trolling idiot.
by GOD ALMIGHTY May 22, 2004
One who provides sexual services to the elderly.
"i got a tman to cheer up Grandad"
by God Almighty January 11, 2005
a really cool person who lives in the rich and manicured community of Pacific Palisades in los angeles. it is home to many celebrities and everyone in the palisades is hot, and sometimes people from the valley or other destitute places say mean things about pacific palisades, but really they are jealous, and everyone knows it, even they know it, so really when someone says something bad about the palisades, its a compliment because we know that they would do anything to live here.
that palisadian is hot
by god almighty April 20, 2005
Butch, lesbian, and trashy private school girls who wear the worst clothes and have no real lives. It is home to some of the ugliest girls on the face of the earth. Sparkly eyeshadow is the norm and platform shoes are common. Any guy i have ever met in los angeles knows that marlborough is full of fat and obnoxious dykes. What guy would ever go for something like that?? Not to mention the fact that marlborough is located in the ghetto. In stark contrast stands Marymount high school located on sunset blvd right in the posh Bel-Air. Marymount's soccer field is even the Bel-Air country club. Marymount's campus has manicured lawns and beautiful mediterranian architecture...what does marlborough have? they have nothing but their books and their dildos because they can't get any.
God: "Why are Marlborough girls so hated?"

a really hot guy: "Because they are ugly dyke bitches"

a really hot Marymount girl: "Not to mention they have zero social skills and they bring their dildos to school."

God: "Ohhh now it all makes sense."
by god almighty April 20, 2005

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