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A cartilage peircing in the ear.

There are two holes that are both aligned so that one bar (scaffold) will go through both of them without twisting the ear.

They are quite unusual and they look really cool.

You normally have to get both holes pierced at the same time (when I got mine they used the same needle but you don't have to) but I know a guy who got the second one done later and just made sure it would line up.
I have a scaffold piercing - it hurt like buggery! Stupid school rules don't let me wear it though so I have to wear a retainer bar and a LeBrette.
by GLJ March 20, 2007
wakeys are pills that get you high; they 'wake' you up. examples are speed and ecstasy but any other amphetamines are included in this.
"See you later mum, I'm just going out to get some wakeys for the weekend"
"Okay then Billie, be sure to be back in time for Coronation street".
by GLJ January 23, 2007
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