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Taken from the spelling of the awesome rock band Motley Crue, a group of people in my school that I am classified in. It consists of people otherwise known as the Misfits. There are people who get in trouble a lot, people who are weird and do weird things, random people, the whorish people that no one else likes but the TMC does, and the people who are pretty go-with-the flow unless you piss them off (that would be me). Also includes any other types of people who are so small in numbers that they aren't counted as their own group. Does not include anyone with a mental disability that qualifies them for Special Ed.
Preppy Bitch: Yeah, like, Oh my gosh. We were just like standing around and talking about our boyfriends when The Motley Crue showed up and just started talking about random stupid things. When we said something they got all mad (Haha, that would be me right there) and they told us that if we didn't shut up they would slit our throats with our own fake nails. Yeah, like whatever!
by GIR needs rehab August 26, 2008
A lead pencil, colored pencil, or any kind of pencil that has run out of graphite lead and has become useless. Also see plen
Bob: Dude, I'm out of lead. Can you give me some?
Rob: No, I don't have anymore than what I'm using. You are just stuck with a plencil for now.
by GIR needs rehab August 26, 2008
Two French words that mean "Dear Diary" or "Dear Journal". Some diary keepers may use them to give their pads a sophisticated touch.
Entry in Sally Lankford's Diary:
Cher Journal,
Today was a rough day, first the girls all laughed at me and called me a disgusting outdated pig. Then they tied a tampon colored with red permanent marker to my locker with a sign that said "We would ask you to donate blood but it would probably be like this" But at least I got to see the hunk Johnny Leslie before I went insane. Ahh, he is so dreamy. I wanna marry him, have babies with him, and grow old with him. Well, thanks for listening diary you are the best.
by GIR needs rehab August 26, 2008
One that steals information from someone else and tells people that the first person originally wanted to tell. Noodle being brain and snatcher being stealing.
Daisee: Did you hear who Katie is going out with?
Maisee: You noodlesnatcher, I wanted to tell them!
by GIR needs rehab August 21, 2008
A cross between a chipmunk and a gopher. Fur is spikey but smooth. Imaginated animal created by a friend of a friend.
Bob: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Rob: A chipopher, since no one has spotted one yet.
by GIR needs rehab August 21, 2008
An unofficial holiday that falls on November 13th. My friend and I thought of it in Home Economics when we were doing something with holidays and the only one left to choose was boring old Labor Day. The day is basically about celebrating the invention of the rocket ship.
Greg: Dude, you wanna go huntin'?
Doug: Naw, I'll stay home for Rocket Day.
by GIR needs rehab August 26, 2008
Smoking pot and in a time frame of between 3-6 hours later, smoke crack. Similar to a speedball.
Jake: Dude, why are you so fucked up today?
Dane: Sorry man, I just had a mojo biscuit.
by GIR needs rehab August 21, 2008
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