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When two Gingers have sex. Gingers are really boring and nerdy, so all they ever do is missionary. Usually a girl ginger doesn't shave. You can't tell who's who because they both have large tangles of black pubic hair on their privates, and and bright curly red hair on their heads. It's pretty disgusting really.
1. Kelly: OMG, I lost my virginity!
Sally: To Bobby?
Kelly: Yes, it was AMAZING ginger sex!
Sally: EWH!
Kelly: I'm confused? Why would it be gross?
Sally: Do you shave?
Kelly: No.
Sally: Does he?
Kelly: No.
Sally: You guys are both gingers.
Kelly: I know.
Sally: That's why it's gross.
Kelly: I love when he's on top of me.

2. I walked in on my girlfriend, Jill having Ginger Sex with Billy. The weird part is I couldn't tell who was who.

3. I hope to have some quality Ginger Sex tonight!
by GINGGGER January 23, 2010

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