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swinging your head up and down as hard as you can as if to almost rip it of, while listening to heavy metal music
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was headbanging to some metallica, and i got whiplash, it was so fucking hardcore
by GIANT(in my pants?) May 28, 2008
A male's semen or sperm mixed with honey, and put on toast.
My Mother prefers sweet n sticky, but i prefer cold n slippery!
by GIANT(in my pants?) May 24, 2008
the hippo song is a sound during any sexual activity, but sounds like a hippo being violently slaughtered.
when joe beats off he sings the hippo song, and the neighbors are beggining to complain.
by GIANT(in my pants?) August 16, 2008
1. Like a hand job and a blow job mixed together, but VERY gay and while playing David Bowie music.
2. A kind of flute
"Want a ZJ?? I'll put on David's greatest hits"

"Thats sounds great!, play Space Odyssey, It gives me a raging boner!
by GIANT(in my pants?) May 23, 2008

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