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1. A whore, but pertaining to stats. Dissimilar to a whore, which is connotative to sex.

2. Specifically in Battlefield 2, these are people who live for stats and for stats only. Unlike other regular players, statwhores typically have no interest in gaining skill. All they want to do is to raise their stats so they can feel impressive, or to ascend to a higher rank.
Interests of statwhores include stats, tanks, stats, C4, stats, blackhawks, stats, unlockable weapons and any other device which can kill another player with little to no skill.
It is said that statwhores enjoy masturbating to their own stats or BlaZiN.uk's stats. Their homepage for internet explorer and/or firefox is likely to be BF2S.com.

3. One who may be seen with a tattoo that contain their stats, somewhere on their left ass cheek.
player1 (T-90) player2
player1 (T-90) player3
player1 (T-90) player2
player1 (T-90) player4

player2: omFg player1 is spawn camping
player3: l0l wat a statwhore
by GI48 February 24, 2006
When you or an acquaintance makes good money.
Paul: Got my paycheck, $350.
Me: Fuck man you're makin' fat bread.
Me: Can you afford a PS3?
Brother: Yes, I make fat bread.
by GI48 July 07, 2006

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