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1. When somebody takes a vicious hit that you know hurts like a bitch.

2. When somebody completely obliterates something (ie a buffet)
1. Scrot-Did you see that guy get hit in the face with a brick in that video?
GG- yeah man...guy got trent greened hardcore

2. GG-Damn man you trent greened that buffet...there's nothing left to eat!
by GG The Jew April 12, 2007
any act in which a person is said to be dead instantly or massive destruction is caused to a person or object see fubar (derived from watching trent greens head bounce off the turf so hard it looked like it was in fast forward when they showed it in slow motion)
Scott - did you see john get hit in the head with that brick?

GG - Yeah man he got freakin Trent Greened
by GG The Jew January 22, 2007
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