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Love. See <3.
I lav j00 <3
by GG Crono 4 March 04, 2004
Attracted to bishounens.
Most Otaku are bishexual.
by GG Crono 4 February 15, 2004
Extremely cool; awesome. Coined by Alex Williams, AKA Captain SNES. (captainsnes.keenspace.com)
"Sweet Christmas, that's stupid fresh!"
by GG Crono 4 November 09, 2003
"I told you! My name is the Dark Adonis!"
by GG Crono 4 November 09, 2003
Extremely stupid stupidity. Originated from the webcomic Patchwork Heroes. (yeti.keenspace.com)
"I had to make up a new word to describe how stupid that is. That word is 'Gerfuggery'."
by GG Crono 4 April 02, 2004
A chibi-wizard with assloads of devastating magic at his disposal
Booken pwned my pathetic ass with a Darkness Nova spell.
by GG Crono 4 July 11, 2003
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