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Pussy Ass Bitch, Philip Alex B-(y'all no the rest...and if u dont u prolly shouldnt) AKA the ironic one. b/c u no PAB and PAB...yea He may be ungodly hott and all, but u no if a guy doesnt hav the balls to break up with someone in person is he really a guy at all?? o and he has a shirt with a monkey on it that was cool, but he lost it so i guess he doesnt hav it anymore **he HAD a shirt with a monkey on it** AND not to mention hes hated by S. Maid like none other, and when i say none other i mean he hates the ironic one worse than bug hates penguins(that hate overcomes every bone in her body, FYI) so yea..onto the sentences part thingy...
"WOW alex is such a PAB...o0o0o0o THE IRONY!!!!!"
"hes the most ungodly hott dipshit i no"
"bug's aunt works on his bak"
by gG January 17, 2005
Name given to the man after the one night stand that has triplets.
by GG September 29, 2003
Like it says, riding a dick.
Dickride out Shawn..just DICK RIDE OUT!

I let my dog dickride me.
by GG January 25, 2004

Typical female.
All females are c.u.n.t.s
by GG January 24, 2004
Adj. Used to describe something you like. Usually followed by pitching a fork.
"Dude your new chevelle is slayer" \m/
by GG February 26, 2005

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